Michael, myself, Dave and Tim had a meeting last Friday discussing the future of the project. In this meeting we made a basic plan for the next six months of the project.

Firstly, we need to complete the Project Initiation Document (PID) to the best of our abilities within the next two weeks before our meeting with the Projects team, so they can go through it with us, fill in any gaps that we weren’t able to fill and correct any mistakes that we may have made.

To acquire the servers that are needed for the project, we will have to fill in a ‘Work Package’ form, detailing the specifications of the servers that we require, this will need to be done fairly soon so we can get started on the project as soon as possible. When we have the servers, Tim will help us in setting them up and configuring them for our and the universities needs.

First step for Michael and I will be to create a sandbox area for ourselves to create a ‘demo’ of SharePoint 2010’s capabilities. This will be to show users essentially what SharePoint 2010 is and what it can do. While we are doing this we will be working with Project Services to acquire Registry’s requirements within SharePoint 2010. As the Registry department is the first department we will be setting SharePoint 2010 up for, we will need to know what they need from it, so we can create the appropriate space and workflows for them within the service. We will at some point be holding some presentation and training sessions for members of the registry department, this will be to show them what can be done with SharePoint 2010 and give them some idea of what they can get out of SharePoint. The training sessions will most likely be held later on in the project, to teach people how easy it is to make a WorkFlow.