Internet Explorer 11 has some known issues. One being compatibility with SharePoint 2010. If you are using IE 11, you should follow these instructions to enable compatibility with SharePoint 2010.

Go to the ‘Settings’ icon, and select ‘Compatibility View Settings’.


Then in the ‘Add this website’ field, type ‘’ (without the quote marks), and select ‘Add’.


Then select ‘Close’. From now on IE 11 will be compatible with SharePoint 2010.

If you reset your browser, you may need to follow these instructions again.


Next week the Staff Development Programmes booking system will launch. The new system is self serve, users will be able to view and book onto courses, view all their current bookings, and cancel places as required.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 13.36.08

It is estimated the new system will be accessible here from Tuesday 17th December. To find out about booking a place on a course, click here, and to find out about requesting unscheduled courses, click here.


Now live.

Please note functionality, forms, visuals and times may be subject to change.

There is a known Microsoft issue with Internet Explorer 8. You may experience a problem with the SharePoint Ribbon, whereby tabs will not be shown correctly, the user menu is not displayed, the ‘Back to Portal’ and ‘Feedback’ buttons are also not visible.

Internet Explorer 8 can default to 125% zoom, and this is what causes the issue. Since this is a Microsoft issue, we cannot fix this problem, however there is a solution.


IE8 Issue


To solve the problem you can zoom out using the ‘View’ and ‘Zoom’ menu, or use the keyboard shortcut of ‘Ctrl+0′. This will not always permanently solve the problem and may be required when you access the site.

However once the University upgrade the corporate desktop to Windows 7, Internet Explorer will be version 9, which should not have the problem.

Following the completion of testing, server and tool configurations, the first migration has taken place to the live SharePoint 2010 server.

The Secretariat section of the portal has successfully been migrated over to SharePoint 2010. When users access this section on the current portal, they will be redirected to the new site, which is how the migration will be managed. During the migration will be displaying a button to easily get back to the current portal and a button to provide feedback. These will be displayed in the header of the site next to the logged in users name.

Below you will see the Secretariat site on SharePoint 2010.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 15.01.39


Migration of other areas will now continue over the coming months with catering and HR moving soon.

Please note functionality, forms, visuals and times may be subject to change.

The local risk register online system is almost complete following a final meeting with Planning and Business Intelligence. We will now work to develop the testing document to enable us to formally test the system with Planning.

Below is the latest version of the online form where register owners will update them and submit them. All stored centrally and easily accessible.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 08.31.12

When registers are available to update, register owners will receive a notification by email, shown below, which will give full instructions on what is required and where all the relevant help can be found.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 08.33.58e

Following successful testing, we hope to launch the online version later this year.

Please note functionality, forms, visuals and times may be subject to change.