The single mark submission process will soon become much simpler. The current paper based form will soon be moving online, as development approaches completion, supported by SharePoint 2010.

Academics will be able to directly send submissions to Student Administration whilst notifying their School Administrator at the same time.

Single Mark Submission Form V1.0.0.16

Included in the functionality is the ability to input a student’s id, which will query the QLS database to return all possible fields, to make input as quick as possible. This will also filter the list of School Administrators available to the selected students School. Selecting the Module will be just as easy. Modules will be displayed in selection boxes by both code and title for the academic year that was selected.

Enter the original merit mark, and the revised merit mark, and your submission is complete.

Single Mark Submission Form V1.0.0.16The system has a scheduled release date for September / October 2015.

Please note functionality, forms, visuals and times may be subject to change.