The SharePoint Workflow Development team have now completed their 3rd and 4th workflows in partnership with Planning & Business Intelligence.  Both the Local and High Level Business registers are now ready for use.  The final workflow for B&PI is the Business Continuity Planning workflow which is currently in development and is due for completion in the near future.

Earlier in the project we saw the launch of the Academic Timetabling amendment system allowing academics to automatically request and have approved Timetable Changes and Organisational Developments staff development booking system which is now widely used across the University.

Amongst others being currently developed are the Single Mark Submission Form, Freedom of Information Request Process, Timetable Queries, Exam Timetable Queries, Seminar Change Requests and Student Option Requests/Changes.

Those awaiting development include; Purchase Request Form, FOI Appeals Process, Environmental Information Agreements Request Process, Environmental Information Agreements Appeals Process, Data Subject Access Requests Process, Student Withdrawals Log, Student Interruptions Log and Student Transfers Log.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this Project, then please contact David Raines on 01522 886571 or email