Over the course of the project the most frequently asked questions will be updated here to help you with any SharePoint 2010 queries.

Last updated: 07/03/2012 15:20

Question Suggested Answer
Why is the University upgrading to SharePoint 2010? We are upgrading to SharePoint 2010 as part of the University’s ICT strategy along with the move towards Windows 7. SharePoint 2003 will very soon be losing Microsoft support, and is also rapidly losing support from many modern web browsers. We are also making the move to take advantage of mobile device support and new workflow functionality, which will allow for automation of common business processes.
What is a workflow? A workflow in SharePoint 2010 allows the automation of common business processes. For example if you upload a document that needs to be approved by your line manager, the workflow will notify this person that a document has been uploaded and ready to be approved. Then, this person can approve or reject the document with comments which will be sent back to you. With workflows you will not have to send that email to tell your manager this document has been uploaded, it all happens automatically.
Do I need the latest version of Windows, Office and Internet Explorer? No, you do not need to have the latest version of Windows or Office. It will help to have the latest version of Internet Explorer to ensure full functionality is available to you. Some features will require the latest version of Office.
Can I use other operating systems and browsers to access SharePoint 2010? Yes, you can use SharePoint 2010 with other operating systems and browsers. Some functionality is however limited to Internet Explorer. To ensure you have full functionality for your browser, check you have the latest version.
When will the upgrade happen? The upgrade will happen gradually, by department, over the next two years as content and structures are reviewed and then migrated over to the updated system. It is estimated that the migration will be complete in Summer 2014.