Work has now begun on the conversion of business continuity planning, from a paper based form, to an online version using a combination of SharePoint Workflows and InfoPath forms. With both Local and High Level Risk Registers now in their final stages this has enabled us to progress with Planning’s current final online conversion.

The screenshot shows the initial development of the online form. It will have a familiar look, taking the design of the Local and High Level Risk Registers.

Business Continuity Form

As before, users will be able to print hard copies of their plans, so that in the event of SharePoint or the University network being unavailable, users will be able to access their plans. We are also in the early stages of considering electronic offsite storage, so that users will be able to access their files, from locations other than the University, in digital form even if the University network is unavailable.

Check back for more updates soon.

Please note functionality, forms, visuals and times may be subject to change.